A new start

Hi everyone, welcome back again. I’ve been absent for a while because I wasn’t satisfied about the content of my blog and the purpose. I finally made the big decision -about getting my own domain- and as you can see I did it… So welcome to my renewed blog! The focus will be on fashion, food and travels. I would love-love-love to share tons of pictures with you! I know I’m not the best writer so I will be taking you through my outfits, food experiences and adventures by hopefully magnificent pictures with a bit of my thoughts. For those adventures I will be filming -don’t expect me to be like Jay Alvarrez please- here you can find my youtube channel.

So I’ve been thinking for a while -when I was absent- about blogging if I should just quit or keep on going. Now I know for sure that I will continue my blog. One of my main reasons is that I would love to capture my upcoming big trip on the blog. For you guys but especially for those close people around me and just for myself. This big trip will start in summer but I will keep you guys updated…
So keep tuned if you’re just as excited as I am about my trip.

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