High tea at Tati

For the first time of my life I had high tea with my friends. We chose to have high tea at Tati since a friend recommended this place and I must say I’m really glad that she did. I was so excited to have my first high tea in my life and was really curious what kind of food they would serve us.

At Tati they served us Mr. Jones tea with different flavors. If you know me I’m always really excited to try out everything so for every cup of tea I tried another tea flavor. I wasn’t expecting that I would like every flavor that I tried -except for the one that smelled like smoke which associated me with smoked salmon (smoking Joe)-. My favorite flavors that I tried were Stunning Sofia (Jasmin tea) and Lulu’s garden (Lychee tea).

High tea at Tati’s: For each person three luxury sandwiches and homemade sweets with of course tea, as much as you like.

Luxury sandwiches
– Hummus with grilled Mediterranean vegetables
– Avocado with cottage cheese (Hüttenkäse), bell pepper and a egg
– Smoked salmon with omelet and lettuce.

Homemade sweets
– Berry crumbles
– Brownies
– Carrot cake
– Oat-apple-date pie
– Pecan caramel pie

As shown in the pictures it was really delicious and my first experience ‘having a high tea for the first time’ was absolutely perfect! I would definitely visit again and try out other things on their menu which is a lot!


Tati | Koolemans Beijenstraat 80, Nijmegen, tati-nijmegen.nl

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  1. Nice post, as I love high tea. I would like to have one with you soon!! P.s. I like their design on the wall, it is so funny ^.^

  2. Oh heerlijke allemaal! Ik vind een high tea altijd zo leuk en gezellig. Delen van eten, allerlei kleine dingen proberen en lekkere thee. Interieur vind ik ook erg mooi van Tati en volgens mij hebben ze hele lekkere dingen gemaakt!

  3. Mooie foto’s! Ben nog nooit in Nijmegen geweest, maar mocht ik er ooit heengaan houd ik deze plek in m’n achterhoofd. High tea-en is heerlijk!

  4. Die lychee thee lijkt me lekker! DIe sandwiches zien er super lekker uit, en die taarten natuurlijk ook. Als ik een keer in Nijmegen kom ga ik zeker even een kijkje nemen 🙂

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