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Anna Nooshin - On topThis post is special for the Dutchies since her book is only available in Dutch. Before I started this blog, my friend and I were talking about starting a blog but we never did it. Then she bought Anna’s book and recommended it to me. At that moment Anna had a contest going on for winning her book! And guess who was one of the lucky winners… exactly ME!

Anna Nooshin - On topThis book is kind of special for me because it was one of the reasons I finally started a blog that’s why I want to share this book by Anna Nooshin with all of you! Anna Nooshin is the owner of NSMBL.nl and she is also a YouTuber.

I could totally find myself in the first chapter of the book were she was telling about her past. She was a refugee and was treated differently because she wasn’t Dutch. She also wrote about the culture differences which I think a lot of immigrants can understand. The rest of the chapters were very useful because she was telling her experiences in life. How it’s like to be a woman with success. Which I haven’t experience yet because I still have to discover everything but her tips would help me make less mistakes in the further. She also shares her failures and how she became successful and got on top.

Anna Nooshin - On Top
Anna Nooshin - On TopHer style of writing was very pleasant to read. I could read her book in one day but I decided to only read this book in the train so I could enjoy every chapter more. If that makes sense. I would really recommend this book if you’re also curious how it’s like behind the scenes when you’re successful or you can use it as a guide for your online success.

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